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2019 WW2 Anzac Day at Hellfire Pass: Thailand   6D/5N Multi Day Tour: BKK - BKK  23-28 April 2019

2019 WW1 **NEW!** Canal Cruise WW1 Battlefields

2019 WW1 Anzac Day at Villers-Bretonneux France  1 Day Tour: Paris - Paris: 24/25 April 2019  

2019 WW1 Anzac Day at Villers-Bretonneux France 6 Day Tour: Value & Dlx Option: 20-25 April 2019  

2019 WW1 3N/4D 'Anzac Footsteps' Tour: May-Oct

 2019 WW2 75th  Anniversary WW2: D-Day Tour

 2019 WW2 Bomber Command Brave Beyond Belief

 2019 WW2 Battle of Crete 75th Anniversary:  (TBA)

 2018 Armistice Tour 11/11(6D) 'Victory & Peace'

 2018 Armistice Tour (6D) 'Armistice Signed' (Lx)

 2018 Armistice Tour Day Tour ex Paris: 11/11/2018

 2020 WW2 80th Anniversary: Battle of Britain

 2020 WW2 Desert Rats: Tobruk/North Africa (TBA) 

  Sir John Monash Centre: Villers-Bretonneux

  * Photos: Opening: Sir John Monash Centre!

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Australians at War: WW1 and the Western Front 1914–1918
(The Government of the Commonwealth of Australia's Department of Veterans' Affairs)

As the centenary of the First World War (1914–1918) is now finishing - it is only right and fitting that all Australians - wherever possible - continue to make the pilgrimage to the WW1 Western Front and learn of the immense sacrifices and amazing bravery of over 46,000 young Australians who lost their lives here, along with over 124,000 men terribly wounded on this horrific killing ground. Many say it was here and at Gallipolli that our unique Australian national identity was born - as one country - one nation.
To help visitors understand Australia's enormous sacrifice to the Allied war effort on the Western Front in WW1, along with individual stories of those who served, the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs in partnership with local French and Belgian communities has developed the Australian Remembrance Trail, which will be fully completed by the centenary of  WW1.

Anzac Day Service Villers-Bretonneux France: (Link to the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia's Department of Veterans' Affairs Australian Remembrance Trail Website)

The Trail covers twelve different sites in Belgium and France along with other significant locations, from Passchendaele in Belgium down to the area of some of the AIF's last actions in France around Péronne in 1918. The project builds on the remarkable efforts of many local people in France and Belgium over nearly a century, honouring and commemorating Australians on the Western Front. The aim of the Remembrance Trail is to improve visitors' understanding and appreciation of the achievements and sacrifices of Australians in this main theatre of conflict during WW1.

At each of the twelve locations you can listen to a unique 5 minute audio cast of this moment in time, with each of the audio casts downloaded to your phone, tablet or laptop either on location - on the spot or at home before you travel. You will also be able to view illustrated summaries of each of the main Australian battles, with the full experience enabling you to virtually travel back in time to experience these ferocious battles for yourself.

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  The 12 different sites for the WW1 Australian Remembrance Trail along the Western Front:
Site 1:    lper (Ypres), Belgium
Site 2:   Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke, Belgium
Site 3:   Toronto Avenue Cemetery, – Ploegsteert Wood, Belgium
Site 4:   VC Corner Australian Cemetery and Memorial – Fromelles, France
Site 5:   The Bullecourt Digger – Bullecourt, France
Site 6:   Thiepval Memorial – Thiepval, France
Site 7:   First Australian Division Memorial – Pozières, France
Site 8:   The Windmill – Pozières, France
Site 9:   Australian National Memorial – Villers-Bretonneux, France The Sir John Monash
centre opened on Anzac Day 2018.
Site 10: Australian Corps Memorial – Le Hamel, France
Site 11: The Second Australian Division Memorial, Mont St Quentin, and the town of Péronne, France
Site 12: Fourth Australian Division Memorial – Bellenglise, France

 * Spirit of Remembrance recommends the experts for self drive WW1 battlefield tours in France and Belgium: Somme Battlefield Tours Ltd - who will be more than happy to 'tailor make' a "self drive" Australian Remembrance Trail Battlefield Tour for you, taking in all these sites plus other areas of great significance for Australians.

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